fuck bitches.
samantha. i live on the field with the alias "number 15". i have a jeep named jesse. you probably know him. my story starts here. hopeless. 17. FEMALE. US. get to know me, that's the best decision you'll ever make. i'm not opposed to self promotion. love me or learn to but i wont change. judge me.
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trust-only-the-insane asked: woops, meant to put that here :p



hey yo, having trouble sleeping? so you have a jeep eh? thats fucking dope man

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We used to act like couples.

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Did you ever cry over me?

Six word story || n.s.t. (via dearyesterdays)

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You are heartbreak and sleepless nights.

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I was his. He was yours.

six word story #112 (via consequentlylove)

I know. I’d leave me, too.

commitment, a six-word story (via actualpirate)

I will never stop choosing you.

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Can we pretend that we’re lovers?

Six word story (via mentaldespair)

Was I that easy to forget?

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"Until next time." There wasn’t one.

Matt McGraw, Six word story, scary (via bodyelectricm)

Buried on Monday. Dies on Tuesday.
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